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10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Is Not Growing

Natural hair is not growing

Whether you have a large chop or medium-sized hair, as a herbalist you are concerned about your hair growth by hook or by crook.

The truth is, if you see hair on your head, your hair is growing. Some people’s tresses develop quicker than others, and genetics truly do play a part; however, there are masses of black girls who rock top-notch, lengthy locks.

To ensure proper treatment, it is critical to identify the specific causes of hair loss. Poor lifestyle choices, over-hairstyling pollution, stress, and an imbalanced eating regimen are the foremost reasons your hair stops developing.

What I quickly found was once that my hair did surely develop however I in reality was once no longer keeping the increase that I used to be getting.

If it truly is actual that your hair does continuously develop then all we want to do is to determine how to maintain the increase that we are already getting.

The average person grows about 12 inches of hair per month; however, this may no longer be true for everyone. Factors like genetics or your lifestyle choices ought to explain why your herbal hair isn’t growing.

Every person’s hair is genetically programmed to give up developing after accomplishing a specific length, after which it goes via the catagen, telogen, and exogen phases earlier than it does once again.

Here are Reasons why Your Natural hair is not growing

  1. Hair Care Routine Mistakes

Do you remember when your herbal hair was growing long and healthy? When this befell me, I began to omit some steps, like no longer moisturizing my hair properly.

This prompted my hair to stop growing. It is vital to discover an ideal hair care regimen that works for you and to stick to it! Especially if your hair was once doing great.

One way to deal with it is to apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and rub your scalp for 10 minutes or so daily.

Not only does it smell great, but it also helps inspire hair growth. Another tip is to provide your scalp with a warm oil remedy.

  1.  You are not moisturizing your hair

If you want your hair to grow, it needs water, both internally and externally. Internally, I suggest you want to drink water. 

The clear stuff Make sure you’re getting enough protein each and every day. Externally, you want to wash your hair and keep it hydrated at some point in the week as part of your herbal hair regimen.

Imagine this scenario: You put your hair in braids or any other shielding style, and then you take them out at the end of the month, which is the only time water gets to contact your hair.

This can be a hassle due to the fact that your hair needs water and moisture to develop and thrive. If you’re not sure what hair type you have, read my post “How to Take Care of Porosity Hair.”

There are unique strategies as well as specific merchandise for every hair type. You choose to make certain that the moisture you have brought is sealed in.

  1. You use chemicals on your hair

Using harsh chemical products can make your natural hair tough and susceptible to breakage. If you’re wondering which chemicals you should avoid, check out my list of Bad Hair Product Ingredients.

Do your research, examine labels to look for substances, and make investments in the best products. Chemicals are no longer your friend; instead, experiment with DIY herbal hair products and apply them to your hair.

Silicone products are no longer completely bad for your hair; they provide slip and make detangling much easier. However, avoid getting them on your scalp. 

  1. You keep picking your hair

This is especially true for new naturals who reap a small amount of boom and plan ahead of time to select it. Or let’s say you favour fashioning it into an Afro and you opt-out.

They may also pull out the hair on their head or in different places, such as their eyebrows or eyelashes. Trish is most common in young adults and younger adults.

If you have the urge to pick out your hair, you can rub it down instead; this increases blood circulation around your scalp, which helps your hair grow. 

6. Dry Hair and Scalp

Dry scalp and brittle tresses are signs and symptoms of unhealthy hair. Lack of moisture or imbalance in the moisture degrees of your scalp makes your hair dry, main to breakage and proscribing its growth.

Dry scalp cure relies upon on the purpose of the condition. If hair merchandise has brought on the condition, you might also simply have to do a higher job rinsing out your shampoo. 

A dermatologist can assist decide if you have an extra serious pore and skin condition. They’ll put collectively a cure sketch and inform you what to do for your dry, flaky scalp.

7. Heat Styling

Every time your hair comes into contact with a hot device, simply maintain the idea that the injury you are inflicting influences your hair growth.

The heat from blow dryers can severely harm your hair. Using warmth on an ordinary base is a primary motive for treating dry hair. Furthermore, you can lose your herbal curl pattern.

Furthermore, it may cause your herbal hair to fall out. Stop using heat and allow your Frolicious curls to dry naturally. If you want to use heat on your natural hair, make sure to use a heat protectant first.

If you want to grow out your hair, you must keep it as healthy as possible, and frying it with hot equipment will cause it to become brittle and break, ruining any hopes of gaining length. 

8. Split Ends – Not Trimming Hair

Your hair grows from the root, so the tips are the oldest section of your hair. Healthy hair ends are vital to keeping hair from splitting. Trimming was something I never did before I started thinking about growing my hair out to waist length.

You may feel as if you are dropping out after trimming your hair, but I can assure you that this is not the case. You can’t undo broken ends, and the only way to stop them from inflicting additional hair breakage is to cut them off. You should take ample care of your hair to avoid split ends and breakage.

9. Too Much Manipulation or Stress

Stress appears to have a significant impact on all aspects of our health, including our appearance.

Even though this situation no longer requires any clinical remedy and lasts no longer than six months, it does have an effect on your hair boom cycle and purpose hair loss.

Stress causes Telogen effluvium, a condition in which your hair enters the telogen section (resting phase) prematurely, and limiting 30% of its growth.

Treating yourself to enjoyable activities to reduce stress levels will now improve not only your intellectual health but also the fitness of your hair. 

Stress has an impact on your fitness, which can manifest as hair loss. Relax and do things you enjoy, such as walking or yoga.

10. Lack of Healthy Diet

Your diet can also influence how much or how little your hair grows.

Keep your ingestion as easy as possible. Lots of greens and nutritious foods and less junk returned. If you want to see accurate things come out of you, put accurate things inside of you.

In fact, physicians recommend humans take certain multivitamins in addition to a healthy weight loss plan to enhance hair growth. Deficiencies of iron, protein, zinc, nutrition A, or biotin can weaken your hair, subjecting it to injury and loss.

However, if you consume sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to nourish your hair follicles and give a boost to your tresses, you can stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

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