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22 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Be An Expert In 2022

By StatusMessagesQuotes Oct 20, 2022
22 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Be An Expert In 2022

Over time, we have all seen a sharp change in web application trends and technology. Web applications that make use of cutting-edge technology can completely change the game. By collecting these new trends to satisfy the demands and preferences of your users, you may stay one step ahead of the competition.

Technology develops because of human innovation, which allows us to complete tasks more quickly and creatively than ever before. Developers are constantly seeking new web technologies to advance their profession. For many firms, keeping up with these advances can be challenging—fortunately, some of the major trends that will be significant in 2022 and beyond have been identified.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

An advanced web application (PWA) is software built using standard web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. PWA works on any device with a regular browser. The technology has earned favor for its potential to show high-quality user knowledge.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

In 2022, accelerated mobile pages will be a popular website-building trend. It is an initiative that resulted from Google and Twitter working together to provide quicker mobile pages. Accessible load AMP-optimized pages perform higher in search engine results than other mobile web pages.

3. Move UI:

Consumers today expect more prosperous, more interactive digital experiences in addition to those that are quicker and more mobile-friendly. The popularity of Motion UI. can attribute in part to this. 

4. Cybersecurity:

One of the year’s most serious issues is cybersecurity, the discipline of guarding data, networks, and computers against unauthorized access. For instance, in June 2021, hackers scraped the profiles of 700 million LinkedIn members to collect personal data such as phone numbers, full names, and emails. 

5. AI. Chatbots:

By utilizing machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques in 2022, it anticipates that AI. Chatbots will grow even more advanced in understanding human wants and behaviors. They can gather data, respond to frequently asked inquiries, and address other problems to give clients a smooth digital interaction with a business.

6. Responsive website:

Responsive websites, still popular in 2022, are websites that dynamically alter their look to fit the screen size and orientation of the device used to view them. Google intends to use mobile-first indexing as one of the trends in web design companies because most users prefer mobile versions of websites.

7. Notification through Push:

Not only are push alerts available for mobile apps. They are a great way to maintain consumer loyalty to the company and increase interaction and sales. Customers can receive push notifications without registering for emails. As a result, you may always use these to reach a broader audience.

8. Superior Voice Search:

Google first introduced voice search in 2011, which is now quickly rising in popularity. Grand View Research shows that the demand for intelligent virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa will expand at an unprecedented rate in the coming years.

More tech giants are entering the market or creating new devices, like Google Home and Apple HomePod, to satisfy consumer demand. 

9. Multi-experience:

The term “multi-experience” refers to the total user experience a single application provides across all digital touchpoints, including websites, applications, chatbots, wearable technology, etc. This technology’s goal is to support a consistent and smooth user experience. In 2022, multi-experience will unavoidably be a trend in website construction.

10. WordPress Growth:

Over 40% of websites use the WordPress content management system, and such a significant presence deserves attention. WordPress, an open-source platform, keeps expanding its functionality to serve users better. WordPress developers need to understand how the medium changes over time.

11. Architecture without Servers:

Ongoing technology tracking lowers system overload, data loss, and product prices. Serverless technology has occurred as a result of this search. With cloud computing, the serverless architecture enables users to run code for nearly any application or backend service with minimal administrative overhead.

12. Standardization of Dark Mode:

Dark and low-light websites have evolved better familiar in current years. Since slightly 8 out of 10 people choose to utilize the dark method whenever possible, websites and applications will continue to provide dark mode user interfaces (UIs) in 2022.

SoftCircles is a Chicago web design company increasing and focusing on creating professional and unique user experiences through careful and strategic website design. They have a team of approved developers, digital marketers, and creators who know much about the business, technology, and innovation.

13. Low-Code Development and No-Code:

No-code/low-code development tools aimed to simplify the software development process. It enables developers to create websites and apps without having to practice coding or have a solid technical foundation.

14. Application on a single page:

One of the significant trends in Website Design Chicago companies is the one-page application. Users never wait for their pages to load; they always want a quick experience.SPA shortens the time it takes for a page to load and instantly updates your users. Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and more are excellent SPA examples.

15. Web Assembly:

It created Web Assembly to address issues with sluggish performance brought on by JavaScript computations. Because Web Assembly uses a binary code format, it is speedy and powerful. Additionally, serverless computing takes advantage of it.

16. Mobile-friendly development:

As already established, over half of all web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Mobile devices account for roughly 75 percent of all e-commerce sales worldwide. These statistics demonstrate the importance of first creating websites with mobile users.

17. Network of Things:

Future web design companies will focus on the internet of things. Millions of devices already use IoT. The internet of things transforms non-internet-connected devices into internet-connected ones.

18. Blockchain technology:

The future of web design companies is the incorporation of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has become associated with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in recent years. Looking more closely at blockchain technology, we can see its advantages for creating websites.

19. Increased caching for performance and speed:

A cache is a means of short-term storage. By keeping static files locally or on a server so they don’t need to be loaded every time they are accessed, caching tries to accelerate the transmission of information. You can speed up the browser’s response time by doing this.

20. Security is a top priority:

Businesses place high importance on cyber security. In comparison to early 2020, ransomware attacks climbed by 102% in the first half of 2021. This number keeps increasing every year. As a result, businesses will continue to emphasize security in 2018 and take precautions against ransomware attacks and other security concerns.

21.Headless e-commerce:

One of the most well-liked development trends today, headless e-commerce, is here to stay. It is an architecture in which the presentation layer and the primary database separate, separating the front end from the back end (things visible to the customer, such as theme, layout, images, etc.).

22. Server-side templating’s development for speed and flexibility:

In the upcoming year, server-side templating will become increasingly prevalent. Instead of using the client’s browser to create web pages, this method of web creation uses the server. A programmer can design a template for how web pages should look and pre-fill a website with specific user information using server-side templating.


The most recent development trends may be challenging, but they also provide many chances to deliver a flawless final product and give users a streamlined, personalized experience. Voice search will gain ground over the coming years and compel service providers to adjust to the new landscape. By paying attention to these articles, you may stay one step ahead of the pack and develop engaging websites and applications.

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