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6 Ways to Avoid Rusting on Gemstone Jewelry

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Gemstone jewelry, an epitome of everlasting beauty and unparalleled elegance that has been captivating the eyes and attention since its inception.

With its myriad colour range and spectacular designs that leaves everyone awestruck with its mystical appearance and charm, gemstones like opal jewelry and turquoise jewelry have become inseparable elements of fashion.

However, even after so precious and durable, gemstones are susceptible to tarnishing and rusting when adorned over a long period of time. This layer or coating is usually dust and dirt particles that get stick to the surface of gemstones from the external environment.

Well, not a major concern if you thoroughly keep a check on those valuable and expensive gemstones to prevent them from rusting.

And to save your favourite gemstones against those stubborn particles that could faint their charm and elegance, we have got for you 6 ways to avoid rusting on gemstone jewelry.

Keep Gemstone Jewelry Away from Water

One of the most common practices that can accelerate rusting on gemstones is direct and prolonged contact with water.

Wearing gemstone jewelry during bathing, swimming, washing utensils, etc. makes them vulnerable to moisture. This moisture is usually caused by those tiny drops of water that is left behind on the surface of gemstones. This moisture can make your shinny and reflective gemstones look cloudy and dull. 

To be on a safe side, always put down that exquisite piece of moldavite ring (and other gemstone jewelry) before diving in swimming pool or washing utensils.

Apply Lotion Before Adorning Gemstone Jewelry

Well, most of the gemstones available in the market are versatile and long-lasting. This means that you can wear them as regular jewelry also.

However, this has got a flip side too.

Our skin ooze out sweat than can slowly form a layer of chemical and oil on gemstones. Over a period of time, such layer can lead to a tough coating of rust than can make those shimmering gemstones quite subdue and dull. 

The best precaution to avoid this mishap is to always apply a mild lotion to your body before adorning yourself with precious gemstones like moonstone jewelry and turquoise jewelry.

The lotion will act as a barrier between the skin and surface of the gemstone. All you need to keep in mind is that only go for a lotion that has low water content and is devoid of harsh chemicals.

Clean Your Gemstone Jewelry Time-to-Time

Being natural stones, all gemstones are vulnerable to the external impurities and particles. So even after taking all the necessary precautions, gemstones are bound to get attacked by particles that can hide their beauty.

Eventually, all you can do to deal with this is to make a rule to regularly clean your gemstones to restore that lost shine and shimmer.

Here is a simple procedure to do so:

  1. Simply put your gemstones in a solution of luke warm water and a mild soap/detergent.
  2. Leave it undisturbed for a few minutes
  3. Now take a brush with soft bristles and rub the surface with a soft hand
  4. Take out the jewelry out of the solution and pat dry it with a micro-fabric cloth 
  5. Mind your eyes as the shine of that gemstone can hit your eyes hard.

Use Sealant Spray to Protect Your Gemstones

A sealant spray has silicone in them. When used as a anti-moist agent on gemstone jewelry, this spray tend to protect the gemstone from water, oxygen and other environmental impurities. 

This additional layer of silicone can avoid the tarnishing and rusting of gemstone jewelry for quite a prolonged time.

Keep Gemstone Jewelry Away from Chemical Products

Cosmetic products such as nail polishes, conditioners, shampoo, lipstick, perfume and body spray are usually made-up of a lot of harsh chemicals that are not quite good for the beauty and shine of your precious gemstone jewelry.

Even a slight stain caused by these cosmetics can cause the gemstone to lose its charm.

Some widely used chemicals in cosmetics like ammonium are indeed a slow poison for gemstone jewelry.

Be Particular About the Storage

One of the most underrated, yet significant point that most of the jewelry lovers tend to ignore is the proper storage of gemstone jewelry.

Even after a thoroughly cleaning your gemstones, you should not leave them openly. It would be just a matter of time till you can see a layer of moist on gemstones.

Always keep your gemstone jewelry stored in air-tight plastic bags or zip locks that will protect them from moisture. Furthermore, use separate bags for each piece of jewelry. In the worst-case scenario, your gemstone jewelry can end up banging against each other if just shoved in a single bag.

Wrapping up….

Let’s just summarize each step we have discussed as of now:

  1. Water is Dangerous for your gemstone jewelry
  2. Applying lotion will shield gemstones from sweat and impurities of the body
  3. Regular cleaning should be practiced
  4. Using Sealant sprays can be quite useful
  5. Say no to chemicals
  6. Follow proper protocols for storage.

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