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app development

If you go to your mobile’s Play Store and search, you will find millions of apps on the Play Store which have different uses. These apps make our daily life easier and to make this daily life even easier, many people want to create their own app.

But not everyone can create these apps but only those who have good knowledge about it can create them. That’s why small and big companies often look for people who know how to create apps. If you also have the knowledge of making apps, then why not start this business yourself?

If you know how to make an app then it is good but if you do not know how to make an app then there is no need to worry. Because you will find thousands of free and paid courses on the internet through which you can learn to create apps.

All you have to do is decide which app developer you want to become. I know this is way over your head! So let me explain well.

Like web developers, app developers also come in three main types which are;

Front-end app developer
Back-end app developer
Full-stack app developer

In this, work is done on back, front and full stack (ie both) just like a web developer. To become an app developer you have to learn different programming languages, some of the major languages are mentioned below;

C/C++ language

Don’t be intimidated by so many languages! Almost all languages are similar, only some of their rules and syntax are slightly different. If you learn one language you will have no difficulty in learning other languages. You can earn thousands or even lakhs by doing app making business.

People from which field can do app development business?

Like web development, in app development also you need to learn new technologies from time to time. In such a situation, we need a lot of technical knowledge. People who have knowledge of technology and always want to learn something new can do this business.

When will you earn ₹50,000 per month from app development?

The work of making an app may seem difficult in the beginning, but later we start enjoying this work so much that we do not even realize when the work is finished. In the beginning, due to some mistakes, your earning may be less, otherwise if you work hard, within 2-3 years your earning will be above Rs 50 thousand every month.

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