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Blue Topaz Jewelry vs Moonstone Jewelry: Which one would you Choose?

By StatusMessagesQuotes May 17, 2023
Blue Topaz Jewelry vs Moonstone Jewelry

Are you someone who falls for ethereal, bluish sheen while looking out for gorgeous and glamorous gemstone jewelry?

Well, you definitely would love to adorn yourself with two of the most cheerful and precious bluish gemstones then: Blue Topaz Jewelry and Moonstone Jewelry.

On the face of the exquisiteness and the brilliance of both the gemstones, the choice is not going to be an easy one. You would truly get perplexed while cherry-picking between that alluring and antique moonstone ring and the blue topaz ring to have a marvellous and unforgettable wedding anniversary celebration with your wife.

Furthermore, at the first sight, both of these bluish gemstones might appear quite same to you. However, as you will observe carefully, you will realize that there exists a plethora of differences between the two.

So, to help you make the best and the most desirable choice for yourself, we are going to have a detailed differentiation between two of the most ethereal and royal gemstones that have make everyone fallen for their bluish, ravaging beauty.

Blue Topaz Jewelry vs Moonstone Jewelry: Which one would you Choose?

  1. Colouration and Hues

Although their colours might appear same, but there lies a major difference between the two.

The primary colour is blue topaz jewelry is of course, the basic blue colour. To lend a more divine and alluring hue of blue that could be moderate to saturated, the treatment process that converts colourless and natural topaz to vibrant forms can be altered. Mostly, the bluish hue of blue topaz jewelry can range across sky blue, pale blue, Swiss blue and London blue. 

The most valuable amongst all is the windex-hue Swiss blue colour which is the brightest and the vibrant of all. It is exclusively utilized to make high-quality ornaments like that shimmering and elegant piece of blue topaz necklace or blue topaz pendant.

On the other hand, the blue sheen of moonstone jewelry is usually emanated in a blend with multiple hues across the spectrum. Some of the most beautiful hues of moonstone available in the market are:

  • Blue moonstone
  • Green moonstone
  • Rainbow moonstone
  • Pink moonstone
  • Orthoclase
  1. Clarity Levels

To understand thoroughly about the clarity levels of blue topaz jewelry, we have to delve deep into the process of forming blue topaz jewelry.

Usually, the natural topaz is colourless and transparent in its natural form. During the treatment process, it is tinted with impurities. This eventually leads to different colours of topaz such as red, grey, yellow and the most ethereal and royal, the blue topaz jewelry.

As far as clarity in blue topaz is concerned, you must keep in mind that blue topaz jewelry is type II category of topaz jewelry. Eventually, it is quite unlikely that it would be having visible inclusions or impurities. However, in some rare cases, you will come across blue topaz jewelry with slightly clear inclusions. That may cost you a bit more as compared to normal blue topaz jewelry.

Usually, blue topaz jewelry will come in a transparent to translucent variety.

For moonstone jewelry, the best form of clarity is a highly transparent one that can reflect its brilliance and beauty. Also, it should be free of any inclusions because that would let its natural colour phenomena to lend it the most ethereal and the surreal look. Like in that marvellous moonstone pendant or moonstone necklace that runs down through the neck and knocks the heart of the wearer with its mystic properties.

Although moonstone jewelry can also be in translucent and opaque form too.

  1. Hardness Levels

While assessing any grade or type of gemstone jewelry, it becomes quite imperative to consider its hardness level.

No doubt that in terms of primary appearance, blue topaz and moonstone may look quite similar. However, they are quite contrasting when it comes to hardness and durability levels.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, blue topaz jewelry hits score of almost 8. As hard as sapphire and tanzanite. However, the royal and the mystic moonstone has just a mere score of 6-6.5. 

This means that as compared to blue topaz jewelry, moonstone is more prone to suffer scratches and breakage.

Also, it means that for an effective cleansing, small moonstone jewelry like that glittering pair of moonstone earrings can’t be exposed to ultrasound. The soft and delicate surface of moonstone won’t be able to withstand the harsh high-frequency sound waves emanating out of the ultrasound device.

  1. Which Cut Suits the Best?

As the fashion market has become even trendy and scrupulous, jewelry lovers have also become quite specific about choosing the cut and patterns in which the stone can lend the best beauty and charm to the personality.

For moonstone, the best cutting style that leaves everyone spell bounded, is the cabochon style of cutting. It reflects its reflective beauty to its best.

In case of blue topaz jewelry, oval and pear-shaped jewelry will let you take the account of every penny you have spent to procure that shimmering pair of blue topaz earrings or other ornaments.

  1. Lustre

Moonstone jewelry would usually come in a pearly lustre. On the other hand, the blue topaz jewelry will lend a glass-like lustre that multi folds its brilliance and uniqueness. 

  1. Price

Moonstones are typically marketed as cabochons and are reasonably inexpensive. There are also faceted stones, which are much more expensive. It is important to note that the price of moonstone jewelry is quite high because the price of high-quality moonstones is decreasing year after year.

A basic price for moonstone jewelry could be as low as $10 for every caret. However, for high-quality moonstone that is rare to find, you might need to pay as high as $1000 per caret.

Topaz is not extremely pricey because it is so prevalent on the planet. Blue topaz prices vary according to quality, just like any other gemstone. It can cost between $10 and $30 per carat.

  1. Shop Now!!

With a simple and vivid distinction between blue topaz and moonstone jewelry, you are ready to select the most desirable decision and elevate your beauty and appeal to new heights.

And if you are looking for reputable and reliable gemstone jewelry suppliers in the market to purchase 100% authentic and high-quality gemstone jewelry, we at Ranajay Exports would be delighted to assist you.

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