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British Citizenship Application If You Are Married To A British Resident

Apply for British citizenship - UK immigration attorney

The process with which you can apply for British citizenship if your married partner or spouse is a British resident or holds an active ILR status in the UK is called Naturalisation. It allows British residents to apply for British citizenship if they continue to meet eligibility criteria.

There are strict measures to apply for British citizenship. One must be thoroughly prepared for it before making the application. You may seek legal advice from the best  UK immigration attorney, A Y & J Solicitors. They can help you assess the application as per the current Home Office guidance.

General eligibility conditions

  1. You must have come to the UK marrying your partner or spouse on a UK spouse visa
  2. Your partner possesses an active ILR status in the UK
  3. You are above 18 years of age
  4. You are currently married to your spouse or in a civil partnership with your partner
  5. You have successfully completed 3 years of residence in the UK
  6. You can provide evidence that you were there in the UK 3 years before
  7. You have evidence of passing the life in the UK test
  8. You can provide evidence for English language proficiency and skills
  9. You can provide evidence that you have a good character and of sound mind

Fulfil residency criteria

Residency evidence means that you have successfully completed 3 years in the UK and you can prove the same to the British Home Office. It also means that you have not breached any continuous residency requirement or broken any continuous residence rule.

To be qualified for residency you must provide evidence for:

  • You have not spent days living outside the UK for more than 270 days in 3 years of stay in the UK
  •  You have not spent days living outside the UK for more than 90 days in the last 1 year
  • You may be exempt from it, if you are serving as a diplomat, diplomat’s household member, member of armed forces, or any government official.

What is the best time for making an application?

You must apply for British citizenship when you have successfully completed the time of 3 years of stay in the UK and you can prove it when the Home Office receives your application. Your application will be rejected if you could not prove this.

You need to pay £1,330 to apply for British citizenship. Also, £19.20 to apply for biometrics.

Simultaneously, you can apply for your children’s citizenship if they were born outside the UK or born before you gained ILR.

You may apply with the help of the UK immigration attorney A Y & J Solicitors. Their bespoke immigration services can help you achieve your immigration journey with great ease.

Once you have completed your application, it usually takes 6 months time for the decision to come out. You must not leave the country until the decision is made. The British Home Office may ask you for some additional information if needed.

What’s next…

The Home Office will inform you whether you have gained British citizenship or not. If yes, then you will have to arrange for a British citizenship ceremony within 6 months of receiving the information. There you will receive your citizenship certificate and you will have to take the oath of allegiance.

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