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Funny Jokes Of Santa And Banta, Stop Laughing After Reading And Know It!

jokes of santa and banta

Today we have brought for you the box of jokes of Santa and Banta. In which it will be difficult for you to stop your laughter by reading the selected jokes present.

Laughing is very important for the health of all of us. Because laughing keeps our health good and at the same time all the tension and depression also stays away from our mind. In such a situation, keeping in mind your lovely smile, today we have brought for you the jokes of Santa and Banta. Those whom you will not be able to stop your laughter-

Jokes of Santa and Banta, which you will not be able to stop your laughter after reading

1-Santa- How do you want a wife?

Banta – like the moon.

Santa – like the moon, meaning?

Banta- The one who comes only at night and leaves as soon as morning.

2-Santa was hanging on the tree.

Banta asked what happened?

Santa – nothing, I ate a headache pill,

Do not go anywhere in the stomach.

3-Banta- Man santa how much is this 10+10?

Santa- You don’t know how much 10+10 is?

Banta- No… I don’t know.

Santa- Hey you don’t know how much 10+10 is after all!!!

Banta- No man, I don’t know, now tell me?

Santa- go come with the calculation!!!

4-Santa- Man, Mary and Mary girlfriend have a strange relationship!!

Banta – how?

Santa- My girlfriend is weird and I am poor…

5-Santa- Brother what do you see first while looking at the girl!!!

Banta – feet.

Santa- why brother?

Banta – Hey, you have to look, not inverted somewhere !!

6-Bank Manager- Cash is over, you will come to the bank tomorrow.

santa – but i want my money today

Bank Manager – Don’t get angry, talk calmly

Santa- Ok call Shanti, I will talk to him today!

Stay with us to keep laughing after reading such jokes of Santa and Banta and keep reading the news.

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