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How Parents can Induce Children’s Interest in Online Classes

By StatusMessagesQuotes Mar 20, 2023
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Ever since the 2020 pandemic, online learning has become part of the new normal of the education realm. The prevalence of online classes is witnessed across all levels of learners around the world. Thanks to technological advancements and internet accessibility, online education is solving a range of problems. Learners attain a wider range of courses and programs and besides that, they are able to gain technical skills. 

Additionally, it is quite affordable and suits a variety of learning styles. It is also advantageous to both learners and educators. The latest statistics even indicate that the value of online education is expected to reach US$166.60bn in 2023.

However, as much as online learning is gaining a great deal of fame, virtual classrooms come with their own set of challenges. Apart from being convenient and flexible, they cultivate lethargy in many learners. More so, not all kids love sitting in front of a laptop or a tablet to learn. In fact, many children haven’t found it easy to adapt to this new form of learning. 

With that, parents and teachers must frequently motivate them to study online. In this blog, we explore some of the best ways parents can consider to induce their children to fall in love with online classes. 

  1. Create a designated Study Space 

It is so easy for children to get distracted from their studies while studying remotely. With that, parents must be strategic when it comes to facilitating online classes. One of the best strategies they can consider is creating a designated space for study. A classified study area helps to prepare a kid’s mind to study as though in a physical classroom.

Also, ensure to provide comfortable furniture such as a chair, desk, and any other necessary requirement within the study space. Ensure that the space has enough light and is carefully designed for study purposes. Precisely, let the space increase creativity in your child or help him or her to fall in love with studying. 

Try to remove all distractions from the room such as explicit pictures and television that can distract the child. And, even though your child studies from the sitting room or the bedroom, ensure that the environment is kept calm during study hours. 

  1. Become Familiar with Digital Learning Platforms

Helping a child study online without enough technical skills can lead to learning inefficiency. Moreso, it can affect lesson engagement. As a parent, consider attaining the necessary skills to provide assistance to your child where required. Whether the child learns through an official portal, app, or video conferencing tools, you must have a reliable degree of technical experience to help out. 

Consider learning how to use digital learning platforms and other tools that your child requires Besides that, provide the necessary equipment such as a microphone, and good lighting, and make sure that the camera quality is good. Help your child learn how to check results, and submit assignments. These will help your child enjoy smooth learning experiences. 

  1. Create a Schedule 

Even though it’s homeschooling, a child needs a study environment that fosters a desire to learn and part of that requires a parent to help a child create a schedule. Depending on the teacher’s guidelines, help your child create a friendly schedule. You can hang it on the bedroom door, refrigerator, or anywhere where it is visible. 

However, ensure that the timetable includes curriculum and non-curricular activities. For example, there should be breaks where a child can freshen up or enjoy meals. There should be time to play outdoors or participate in other activities such as art and painting. 

Besides that, plan what your child will do during the extra time. You can download STEM apps, buy books, or let your child join a dance class. Such a schedule will help a child attain the required balance between study, play, and personal development. 

  1. Offer the Required Help 

Moments where your child requires help and there is no one to turn to can trigger rage and disengagement in a lesson. A child can end up distracted and directed to other activities other than the lesson. That’s why a parent must evaluate between traditional and progressive education and identify what’s good for a child.

Avoid choosing online classes if your child has no one to offer the required assistance or no one to monitor him or her. Apart from that, ensure to remind the child about homework and other school activities. Additionally, encourage your child where necessary. This will  help induce a child’s interest in online classes. 

  1. Build a Relationship with your Child’s Teacher 

Online classes instill a sense of independence in a child, but as a parent, you certainly play a huge role in your child’s progress. Build a relationship with your child’s teachers to understand your role. This will also help you identify new mediums in which you can offer reliable assistance to your child. 

Also, take the time to understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths. This will help you create a schedule that is optimized for better performance. You can also attain suggestions from the teacher about your child’s progress. Ascertain whether it’s good for your child to attend private classes or the type of outdoor activities that can increase your child’s interest in online classes.

The Bottom Line

Online learning points to the future and its popularity isn’t expected to fade away. Online classes are associated with a range of benefits and some of them include flexibility, convenience, and widened opportunities. However, online classes have their own challenges which increase depending on the type of learner. 

A young child may find online classes quite difficult and this requires them to have full-time support in order to learn effectively. If you’re a mother you may want to learn how to be of good help to your child while homeschooling. This blog details some of the best ways parents can induce their children’s interest in online classes. These considerations will surely help you enjoy better homeschooling days while helping your child progress academically. 

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