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How to start SSC CGL preparation in 2023? Subject-wise Tips and Strategy

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Hello government job aspirant, we bring you another full-of-knowledge article on how to start SSC CGL preparation in 2023.

After Covid, we have seen many students want to enter government jobs because of the security position power and perks that government jobs offer especially the central government jobs.

The only problem is that students don’t know how to start in an effective way so that they can clear the SSC CGL examination in 2023. Here we will tell you five easy steps which will help you start your 

SSC CGL exam preparation in an effective way

1. Concept clarity and understanding: 

We understand that these exams are based on shortcuts and tricks but until and unless you have clarity of the concept and you understand the subject and the topic in a deep way you will not be able to apply the shortcut and tricks it is just like driving a sports car but to drive a sports car you need to have knowledge of how to drive a car first. For good concept clarity you should be following the NCERT book because it is the basis of all education systems and all the students who want to prepare for the SSC CGL exam should definitely solve NCERT in the first place followed by various books data available at the nearby book shop which will help them building shortcut and tricks. 

This is also where the SSC coaching institute will help you because sometimes it is difficult to clear the concept by reading yourself but a good mentor and a teacher will teach you the same concept in an easy way to examples because he has been through that journey and he himself knows about the subject in depth. So if you are a fresher and want to start with the SSC CGL preparation then you should definitely think of joining a good SSC coaching institute so that you do not have to do everything by yourself and the faculty members there will help you understand the concepts in a super easy way.

2. Start building your vocabulary: 

We have many times seen students leave vocabulary for the last part because they think that it is boring and they think that the devil forget it after 2 months so they think that we will do vocabulary before the examination so that we can remember it. But the problem is that vocabulary is not built in one week or 10 days to build your vocabulary you have to focus on learning words every day even if you have a fear of forgetting them because the more you revise all your words it is easier for you to remember them.

There are various ways by which you can make your vocabulary learning really easy some teachers follow the root word technique where they take one Root Word and teach you many difficult words which have the same Root Word.

Other teachers follow the visual way of learning the vocabulary few teachers also follow the pneumonic way where they understand the meaning of a word through sounds.  No matter which method you follow the bottom line is that you should be good at English vocabulary if you want to clear the prestigious SSC CGL examination.

3. Read daily newspaper: 

This is again a very important step and is neglected by 90% of the students preparing for the SSC CGL examination they focus more on history polity geography and economics and they forget that current affairs has now the maximum weightage when it comes to the SSC CGL examination in 2023. You cannot build your current affairs if you start reading the newspaper in the last week of the exam to get hold of the current affairs you have to build the habit of reading a newspaper and marking the important news at least 5 months before the exam so that you can relate all the current affairs from top to bottom.

Alternatively, if you cannot do this on your own you should choose a good SSC coaching institute that takes care of current affairs on a daily basis either they can provide the current affair magazine daily in a WhatsApp group or the faculty member who takes care of general studies takes additional 30 minutes every few days and give you current affair in a consistent way.

4. Focus on shortcuts and tricks: 

Once you have covered all the concepts and have understood the Logix then comes the most important part of doing the same question without pen and paper in 40 seconds so that you can attempt all the exam questions in the stipulated time given in the exam because many times student are able to do the questions within 2 minutes and they feel happy but the problem is that if you can do a question in 2 minutes then also you will be able to attempt only one-third of the exam paper because you get only 40 seconds for question in the exam.

Shortcut and trick is something that cannot be built overnight the first step is to understand the concept of the subject and then to do the same questions without pen and paper within 40 seconds this is also where a good SSC coaching institute comes into play. You will not find shortcuts and tricks in most of the books because they focus on giving solutions in the right way but to menu plate a question and to do it shortcuts can only be learnt from a teacher who tells you the right way to do the questions without actually solving them.

5. Do test series regularly: 

Another very important aspect where most of the students fail because they do not practice mock test series before the exam one reason is that they do not get the time and another reason is that they do not understand the importance of test series because giving test series on a regular basis before the actual exam builds your exam temperament and you are able to solve the question paper of the exam much easier because now you know how to attempt your exam paper and maintain the speed throughout because you have given many test series before the exam.

It is just like practising in the nets before you go for the actual match we have seen that cricketers are not the ones who directly go to International matches and they play but instead the always practice a lot of hours in the nets so that they can build the game temperament.

6. Join the Best SSC coaching institute: 

Last but not least and really important is to join a good SSC coaching institute so that you can kick start your preparation in 2023 and can clear the SSC CGL exam in an effective way. Choosing the best SSC coaching institute is also necessary because they will teach you the right concepts they will clear your understanding of a subject they will teach you all the shortcuts and tricks they will provide you with the test series they will clear all your doubts they will guide you the right way to learn the vocabulary they will teach you the rules of grammar they will tell you which chapters are important which are not they will also help you build your current affairs and will teach you the exact to the point things in history quality Geography or Economics that come in the exam and as higher probability because you cannot simply cover everything for a matter of 50 marks.

A good SSC coaching institute should definitely have an approved track record of good selections in SSC CGL they should also have good study material they should also provide online SSC classes so that students can take a backup or can use them for revision purposes they should have experienced and cooperative faculty members and should offer best SSC coaching in the lowest fee. 

We hope the above points will help thousands of students out there who want to start fresh and want to prepare for the SSC CGL exam in 2023. We will be coming up with more useful blogs and articles so that we can help the students in the maximum way we can. Excel SSC Coaching has always helped all the students clear the exams. They are the best SSC coaching in Delhi.

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