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Human Capital Management System: How It Can Help You to Avoid Employee Burnout

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Work-related stress is the biggest cause of anxiety and depression among employees of the 21st century – an undeniable fact. Business executives, as policymakers, need to sort out a way to avoid employee burnout. Otherwise, employees’ productivity, engagement, and the company’s goodwill are at stake. Employees’ satisfaction with the management policies and the company’s ability to compete are directly correlated.

The seriousness of employee burnout is observable from the Deloitte survey conducted on US professionals, which suggests 77% of the employees have experienced employee burnout in their current job.

Therefore, most of your company’s employees may be performing low, feeling demotivated, and even facing low emotional intelligence because of employee burnout. A study published in the Frontiers in Psychology identifies that improving employees’ emotional intelligence will improve their psychological capital, leading to better positive employee job performance and low employee burnout.

Employee burnout is a mental and physical state where the employee feels demotivated and exhausted to perform a task – a situation worth avoiding if the company plans to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Hence, indirectly, employees’ better physical, mental, and emotional health is the best source for developing a productive workforce, leading to sustainable financial performance.

World Health Organization explains three dimensions of employee burnout as;

  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job
  • Reduced professional efficacy

Among the above dimensions, the reduction in the professional effectiveness of employees is critical for companies. A million-dollar question is; can companies completely avoid employee burnout? The answer is, unfortunately, not. The reason is that companies tend to accelerate their growth in the post-pandemic era to meet the customers’ and market’s requirements. Hence, employees must get used to a large volume of work, which may lead to employee burnout.

However, an innovative approach exists for managing employees in a competitive work environment and ensuring that employee burnout is avoided as much as possible. Let’s unveil the curtains. Simple and straightforward, implement a technologically advanced human capital management system uk  capable of managing all employees-centric activities.

Before discussing this further, we should consider the causes of employee burnout. A Gallup survey identifies the top five reasons for employee burnout as;  

  • Unfair treatment at work
  • Unmanageable workload
  • Lack of role of clarity
  • Lack of communication and support from the manager
  • Unreasonable time pressure

Now, you completely understand the reasons for employee burnout and have identified that ineffective employee strategies may lead to a higher probability of employee burnout. Now, better and more productive employee strategies can be developed by collecting and analyzing data – a compulsion for companies in the technologically advanced era. An HR system can be a game changer with certain strategies for optimizing the benefits.

You need to follow the ‘TEAM’ acronym to optimize the benefits from the deployed HR system and decrease the chances of employee burnout.

  • Technology integration policy for automating the organizational activities
  • Eagerness to develop a productive and well-prepared workforce
  • Ability to identify workplace environment and implement new initiatives
  • Management skills to effectively utilize the data provided generated by the HR system

For example, SenseHR, understands the companies’ requirements and developed technologically advanced employee boarding software to help you perform all HR-related tasks more efficiently. Generally, HR SaaS is the better option for small businesses because it cost-effectively provides significant benefits.

Some of the important benefits of SaaS HR software are:

A. Technology prevails, and companies survive

Companies’ sustainable competitive advantage depends on technology integration policies. The rapid investment in technology facilitated the hybrid work model, leading to a more productive way of work, better employee-employer relationships, and even sustainable revenue streams during the pandemic.

Cloud Computing Applications (CCA’S) played an important role in helping companies meet their objectives during the pandemic. However, research published in the Journal of Electric Science and Technology identifies that there is still an ongoing research challenge in the cloud computing environment concerning data and guaranteeing security.

Despite the challenges, companies need to invest in CCAs, especially related to HR, because it helps collect and analyze employee-centric data – a must initiative for developing a flexible work schedule, ensuring work-life balance, identifying reasons for employee burnout, and for developing a compatible hybrid work model.

B. Technologically advanced HR software and the probability of employee burnout

Workforce management is the top priority for companies to compete in a competitive business environment. Activities ranging from employee training to compensation and payroll and from time tracking to the onboarding process, every organization requires technologically advanced HR software.

Sense HR presents a complete HR and automation system that helps you develop complete control of all HR-related activities ranging from payroll to employee training or from onboarding to workload management and performance issues. Sense HR software UK is one of the best options if you are looking for a complete human capital management system.

The HR software can collect and analyze employee data to identify significant insights from employee performance data and factors responsible for potential employee burnout.

A cloud-based human capital management system with technologically-advanced features can help decrease the probability of employee burnout by:

  • Offering customizable features to collect more specific employees data
  • Enabling the company’s management to develop a flexible work schedule
  • Making adjustments in the other integrated applications to support the company’s hybrid work policy
  • Identifying department areas with the highest stress levels among employees
  • Changing work schedules to support work-life balance 

Check the pricing plan, and we recommend the Elite package to companies to decrease employee burnout issues. The Elite package offer features like Sense Automate, Real-time gross pay calculations (An essential feature for fast-operating companies), and, most importantly offered customized dashboards option that enables you to collect employee data as per your requirements – a vital feature for designing the customized key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and collecting the employees’ data. 

C. Eagle mindset – a compulsion for HR managers

Eagles are known for their fearless nature of taking on the opponents, no matter what advantage the opponents have over the eagle. HR managers, especially in the post-pandemic era, should have the eagle mindset to take strategic decisions that positively impact the company’s capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

You should realize one thing: your competitors are eager to automate their activities, including HR-centric procedures and activities. It is the right time for you to develop an Eagle mindset to take on your opponents by investing in technologically advanced HR software to collect customized employee-centric data and identify the reasons for employee burnout. Remember, data is the key to identifying the social, economic or emotional reasons causing higher stress among employees.

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