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If You Do This Work At Night, Then Skin And Hair Will Be Healthy

skincare or haircare routine

Glowing, problem-free skin and shiny, healthy hair are every girl’s desire, but are we trying our best to achieve them? We start paying attention to our skin and hair when we start facing problems related to them. But before that we do not follow any kind of skincare or haircare routine. We need to understand that it is not difficult to make any kind of skincare or haircare routine a habit, but it is quite easy and by doing so, further problems are also avoided.

The best time to start any kind of routine is right before going to bed at night. This is because your body is most relaxed at this time and is also away from dust, sunlight and any other kind of damage.

Night time is also a time when the body is self-healing, so if it is supported by a routine, this process is accelerated. Here we will tell you about some such habits, which if you follow daily before sleeping, then in a few days your skin and hair will become the reason for your praise.


Our skin has to suffer so much throughout the day that it starts losing its moisture very quickly. After moisturizing once in the morning, you are so busy with your daily activities that there is no time to moisturize again. In such a situation, the best time to hydrate and moisturize the skin is just before sleeping. Wash your face and other exposed parts of your body every night before going to bed, then use night face cream, hand cream, foot cream and under eye gel (if there are dark circles and under eye bags).

Deep Conditioning

Continuous exposure to the sun and dust, excessive heat styling and use of chemical products also cause a lot of damage to the hair every day, which is not corrected by shampoo and conditioning alone. Even if a little extra care is given to them at night, then they too will become thick, long and shiny in a few days. Oil your hair thrice a week at night and wash it in the morning. Apart from this, make a hair mask by mixing milk and honey, which is applied on the scalp and hair and sleep wearing a shower cap, wash the hair in the morning.

Face Mask

It is very important to replenish and rejuvenate the skin after it has been damaged. The easiest way to do this is to apply a good, hydrating mask to the face. Make a mask by mixing rose water and aloe vera gel in milk. Apply it on the face with the help of a cotton ball and wash it off in the morning. If your skin is oily, then make a mask by mixing potato juice in green tea and apply it on the face with the help of a cotton ball, wash it in the morning.

Detangle and Bread

If you sleep with your hair open at night, then it is causing a lot of damage to your hair. Open hair gets very tangled overnight. Apart from this, there is a lot of friction in them, due to which they become dry and frizzy and later the problem of split ends also increases. To save your hair from such torture and damage, before sleeping at night, detangle the hair, that is, detangle it and comb it well and braid a loose braid. Combing the hair increases blood circulation which also promotes hair growth. By tying the braid, they do not get tangled and the friction is also less.

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