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Iphone Keeps Hanging Up, Use These Tricks To Fix The Problem While Sitting At Home

How To Fix iPhone Hang Problem

Iphone Hang Tips: If your iPhone hangs again and again, then by following these tips and tricks, you can easily fix it sitting at home. Let’s know how?

How To Fix iPhone Hang Problem: Android phone has become a part of people’s lifestyle in today’s time. If someone does not have it, then he also keeps thinking that if not today then tomorrow he will definitely buy an Android phone.

Like Android phones, iPhone is also used by many people. When someone buys an iPhone, it works well for a few days, but after some time the iPhone starts running slow, it starts hanging.

In such a situation, if you are also worried because the iPhone is hanging again and again, then you do not need to panic. In this article, we are going to tell you some tips and tricks by following which you can fix the iPhone hanging again and again.

Why Does The Iphone Hang Again And Again?

Before fixing the problem of iPhone hanging, it is very important to know why the iPhone hangs again and again. Actually, the iPhone can hang due to many reasons. Due to lack of RAM in the iPhone, keeping three to four apps in the mobile for one work, using three to four apps simultaneously and not updating the phone, the iPhone starts hanging again and again.

Clear The Ram

Perhaps you know, if you do not know, then for your information, let us tell you that there is no option to see RAM in iPhone like Android phone. In such a situation, if you do not clear the RAM, then the iPhone starts hanging.

To clear RAM from iPhone, you should close all the apps from time to time and switch off once. You can also download an app to clear RAM in iPhone. You can easily download many apps for RAM from iPhone from Play Store. Apart from this, Google history should be deleted from time to time.

Delete Photos And Videos

Many people like to keep old photos and videos in the mobile gallery, but when there are too many photos and videos in the mobile gallery, the iPhone starts running very slow. Due to slow running, many times the iPhone also starts hanging. In such a situation, videos and photos should be deleted without any work. With this the phone will work faster and will not hang.

Update Software

One of the reasons for hanging iPhone can also be due to not updating the software. If your iPhone’s software is out of date and you are running too many apps at the same time, then the phone may hang. Many times the phone also runs slow due to not updating the software. In such a situation, when the option of iPhone software update appears, then it should be updated immediately.

Keep These Tips In Mind Too

     After using the iPhone, the open app in the background should be closed.

     Delete unnecessary things present in the file manager.

     Do not install more than necessary apps in mobile.

     You can also restart the mobile after hanging.

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