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Sponsored Worker’s Conditions Of Stay

sponsorship from a  UK employer - temporary worker visa to the UK

Every worker who is getting sponsorship from a  UK employer who is a sponsor licence holder must meet certain conditions of stay in the UK depending on their visa and duration of stay.

The candidates in the workers and temporary workers are required to meet the conditions of stay as laid out by the UK Home Office.

Minimum conditions to be met

The minimum conditions required to meet while the candidate enters the UK.

  • They cannot claim UK public benefits or funds
  • As per the UK Immigration rules, the applicant in worker or temporary route must register with local police authorities within 7 days of taking entry to the UK.
  • They must also report any change of their accommodation or extension of stay in the UK to the local police authority.
  • The workers will have to follow the restrictions of employment as per the immigration rules.
  • You can study on a UK work visa but there are some restrictions which every worker has to follow.

UK public funds access

Every worker who has a worker or temporary worker visa to the UK is subject to ‘no access to the UK funds’. The workers cannot claim state benefits, access public funds, tax credits, homelessness benefits, house accommodation benefits.

They must have enough money to sustain themselves in the UK.

Register with local police authority

Some of the applicants need to register with the local police authorities when they enter the UK. They need to register within 7 working days, if you have applied for your visa from outside the UK.

Once the police verification is complete, the police authorities will issue a certificate to you. This certificate services the following purpose

  • You can show it to the police in future
  • You can inform the police if you change your address
  • You can return to the UK safely if you travel during your stay
  • You can use the certificate to apply if you need to stay longer in the UK

Restrictions with employment

There are some restrictions on employment for sponsored workers. The workers will have to stick to the job they have been offered.

However, the workers are permitted to do some temporary work in the UK within the 20 hours.

  • You can choose a work on contractual notice period
  • You can do supplementary work for 20 hours per week outside your permanent employment.
  • The supplementary work must be outside the working hours
  • It is not mandatory to do a supplementary work with an employer with sponsor licence
  • You should meet with the supplementary employment criteria to begin working outside your regular working hours
  • If you did not meet the criteria for it, your application would not be considered.

If you belong to any of these working groups, you will not be permitted to work as supplementary employment.

  • Seasonal workers
  • Charity workers
  • International agreement workers
  • Service suppliers working on contracts
  • Independent professional worker.

There is also a way to work in the UK with secondary CoS, if you do not meet the criteria of supplementary employment.

You must have got your first Certificate of sponsorship and you are working on it before you can apply for a second Certificate of sponsorship.

You also have an option of pursuing voluntary work without any obligation to serve a notice period or contract.

You can choose to work for a charitable organisation in the UK as a volunteer. However, in this voluntary service, there will be no payment or salary given to you as well as no other benefits as per section 44 of the National Minimum Wage Act 1998.

Pursuing study

You may wish to pursue studies on a work visa provided you do not cause any trouble to your current employer or the job you are working for.

If you qualify for research activities you must have an ATAS certificate to apply for the same.

To meet ATAS conditions means if any worker who is not a British national intends to pursue a work in research, must receive an ATAS certificate from the Counter-Proliferation and Arms Control Centre of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

ATAS stands for Academic Technology Approval Scheme.

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