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Spouse Visa Renewal Application Guide 2022

requirements for spouse visa renewal - spouse visa application

The spouse visa application is granted for a period of 2 years and 9 months initially. If your intentions to stay in the UK are still strong, you may renew your UK spouse visa by making an online application to the UK Home Office.

If you meet the requirements for spouse visa renewal you will enjoy an extension of further 30 months.

The UK Spouse visa can help you obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain once you have completed your continuous residence in the UK for 3 years. Later, you can seek British citizenship if you still meet the requirements and have not breached any UK laws.

Select the correct form

The form you must fill online is FLR(M) and it should be completed and sent to UK visas and immigration, UKVI.

When should you apply for renewal of spouse visa?

Overseas applicants who have entered the UK on a spouse visa renew their visa to gain settlement in the UK. They may do so before their current visa expires.

There is no process for an automatic renewal of your licence. Unless you prove that your application genuinely meets the criteria for a UK spouse visa renewal, the Home office will make a decision according to it.

Checklist for renewal of a UK spouse visa

  • Requirements

Meeting the requirements is foremost, no application is complete without meeting set requirements for it.

  • You must pass a relationship genuineness test to prove your relationship with your partner is genuine and valid and still prevailing.
  • You must pass the English language skill test
  • You have not breached any UK law and continue to possess a good character
  • You are in cohabitation with your partner
  • Your partner must continue to hold UK ILR

Home office genuineness test

The Home Office would ask you to present evidence that proves that you and your partner are having a genuine relationship which has been prevailing since the time you entered the UK.

The evidence must be fresh and updated. You can show proof of cohabitation in the form of council tax bills, utility bills, any letter addressed together.

You could also add your marriage or civil partnership certificate as a proof of your relationship.

Some additional documents could include holiday tickets, photographs, etc.

Home Office financial requirements

As a mandatory requirement from the UK Home Office, each couple must evidence their financial stability in order to apply for a spouse visa renewal.

You need to provide proof that you have a minimum of £18,600 per year income to sustain yourself in the UK.

An additional amount of £2,400 must also be shown if you have children. And subsequently £2,400 for every other child.

Home office good character test

The Home Office will check your immigration history both within the UK and outside the UK to ensure that you are not a defaulter of the UK immigration laws and have never overstayed in the UK.

On the off chance that you are a defaulter, it could hamper your chances of visa renewal.

Home Office English language test

A1 level of English proficiency is a must for a UK spouse visa application renewal.

Application, processing, and fees

You need to make an online application with all the documents. After you pay the fees the application is completed. The fees for spouse visa renewal is £1,033 with £19.20 charged for biometrics information and £624 charged as Immigration health surcharge.

It takes about 8 weeks for processing of the application. And you must apply before the current visa expiry date.

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