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These 3 Things Make Connaught Place, New Delhi Special

People visiting Delhi want to see CP, Connaught Place

These 3 things make Connaught Place special, when New Delhi was formed, the British government felt the lack of a beautiful market at that time. In 1929 the foundation was laid for the market which is now known as Connaught Place Market.

People visiting Delhi want to see CP, Connaught Place with the same enthusiasm as they go to see Qutub Minar, Red Fort or Parliament House. Such a person who has never come to Connaught Place before, he must have heard so much about this place that he definitely comes here when he comes to Delhi.

Connaught Place is believed to be the fifth most expensive market in the world and fourth in the list of most expensive office destinations, but do you know what makes this place special.

Janpath Shopping

If you are in search of a place for shopping where you can get everything from dresses, jewelery to handbags etc. at reasonable prices, then you can turn to Janpath Market without hesitation. In the famous Janpath market for shopping, you will find fashionable dresses and footwear at very cheap prices.

What makes Connaught Place Janpath Market special, it is not that only Indians come here to shop, but tourists visiting India from abroad will also find you shopping here.

Odeon Pan

If you are a paan lover and want to eat paan after a tasty dinner, then head over to Odeon Paan Shop in Connaught Place which has built a fan following for itself over the years.

Rajesh Singh, owner of Thakur Odeon Milan Paan Wala’s shop, says, “This shop was named Odian Paan Wala because of the Odeon cinema in front of our shop. Our shop was built around 1950. There was no other paan around that time. There was no shop. Then after sometime the shop of Shukla Odian Paan opened along with our shop. So we renamed our shop as Thakur Odian Milan Paan.”

Oxford Book Store

If you love books and you want to not only buy your favorite book but also meet your favorite writer, then head to the Oxford Book Store in Connaught Place. New books are launched here every day.

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