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UK Marriage Visitor Visa Application 2022

UK marriage visitor visa

You may want to explore exotic locations of the UK to get married with your partner.

The UK marriage visitor visa allows you to enter the UK for the purpose of marrying your partner or registering civil partnership with your partner. You may also give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

You must also meet general requirements of eligibility for a UK visitor visa to gain entry as visitor in the UK.

General eligibility grounds

  • The age of your partner and yourself must be at least 18 years.
  • You entry in the UK will be for 6 months and once the purpose of your visit is over you must leave the UK
  • You can prove that you have a genuine and subsisting relationship with your partner.
  • You will not overstay in the UK beyond 6 months
  • You won’t make the UK your home by making more frequent visits.
  • You have enough finances to support and pay for your travel journey onward and return
  • You will not access UK public funds while you stay in the UK
  • You won’t engage in any work in the UK throughout your stay

If you can meet these general conditions of stay in the UK. then you qualify to make an online application.

What documents do I need to send in?

The documents which you require are very similar to every other visa document

  • Your passport must be valid throughout the stay in the UK
  • Document to prove that your relationship is genuine and continuing smoothly.
  • Details of booking confirmation for marriage or civil partnership in the UK
  • If you were married before this you must evidence decree absolute or the death certificate of the previous partner.
  • You may be asked to show additional evidence as per your circumstances.

Making an application from your home country

If you are applying for a UK marriage visitor visa from outside the UK you must make an online application with relevant fee and documents.

The application fee for a marriage visitor visa is £95 for staying upto 6 months in the UK.

You must apply at least 3 months before your planned visit. It may take around 3 weeks for the decision to come. 

You also need to submit your biometrics with a scanned photograph and fingerprints.

Permitted and non-permitted activities as a UK marriage visitor visa holder

There are a few activities allowed to the visitors in the UK as per the UK immigration laws.

  • You can transit through the UK to your destination country.
  • You can enter the UK with a purpose to marry your partner or register your civil partnership.
  • You cannot use public funds while you stay in the UK.
  • You cannot do any job or work in the UK while you are on a marriage visitor visa.
  • You can not live in the UK for a longer period of time or make the UK your home.
  • You are prohibited from taking any study course.
  • You cannot switch your visa to another visa at any point of time during your stay in the UK.

Legal consultation is the way to a successful visa application

Many struggle with the visa application process when they apply from outside the UK due to less familiarity with the process and guidance. A Y & J Solicitors have been helping overseas clients to get a smooth processing of their visa application within time.

You are assigned a dedicated immigration solicitor to help you with the application. Along with it, they guide you through various do’s and don’ts of the application process and share any update the Home Office may have about your application.

Holding an experience of more than 10 years, A Y & J Solicitors have helped over 4000 clients to achieve their visa and immigration journey with ease. Checkout here immigration lawyers in london uk

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