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What Do We Know About The New Global Mobility Route In 2022?

Global Mobility Visa route

The much talked about Global Mobility route is set to take over the world in spring 2022. With a new year just around the corner, everyone around can’t stop talking about it. This Global Mobility Visa route is said to streamline two major existing visas, namely UK Intra-company transfer visa and a UK Sole representative visa.

The proposed scheme is said to be beneficial in many ways.This will allow overseas businesses to temporarily send their employees for a specified period of time.

The need of a Global mobility route

Assigning and managing employees to be streamlined with minimum hassle.
Yes, that is the clear aim.

In August this year, the Home office published certain amendments to the existing sponsorship route, titled ‘The UK’s points-based immigration system: sponsorship roadmap’. This precisely highlighted the urgency with which the UK Home Office is planning to organise the sponsorship roadmap to a great extent.
The UK Home office has made it possible to easily assign and manage employees while sending to the UK on a temporary basis. The employees are being sent on two types of immigration route primarily, sole representative visa and Intra-company transfer visa.

Who is it for?

The Global mobility route is said to ease out the already existing two routes.
This visa would be leveraged by two types of employees.

If the overseas organisation has a UK branch or subsidiary

  • As a parent company overseas you are required to send a person, highly skilled to your UK branch on a short term basis to handle a project or operations.
  • This person is a senior level person within the organisation overseas who is being transferred to the UK branch
  • Or, this person could be a graduate trainee, being sent to the UK branch for training purpose
  • Currently, this route is called, Intra-company transfer visa route

If the overseas organisation does not have a UK branch or subsidiary

If you do not have any branch currently in the UK, then your most viable option is to send a senior person through a sole representative visa. This route is likely to be now called the Global mobility visa route from Spring 2022.

  • He/she must be a senior most person in the parent organisation.
  • This person must possess a sound knowledge
  • This person must be able to trade in the UK and provide services as a part of the sole representative responsibilities.

What can we expect with this visa in 2022?

The Global Mobility visa route has been talked about alot these days, for a simple reason that is whether the Home Office’s vision is going to best suit the employers overseas. It is a great opportunity though to leverage the growing UK market and take steps faster to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK.

  1. Some changes in a sole representative visa- As on today the sole representative visa allows one representative of the parent company overseas to come to the UK to set up a business branch and begin its operations. Now with this Global Mobility Visa route a new change by the name, ‘Team Subsidiary(TS)’ is underway which can allow up to 5 representatives of the overseas company to come to the UK. Out of 5, one would be a senior official, and others are likely to be team members.
  2. As per the UK visitor visa rules, earlier the person being sent as the secondment to the UK for a specific purpose. Now under the Global mobility route, there will now be a need to showcase the eligibility for the specific purpose which you are being sent to the UK.
  3. As per the current Intra-company transfer rules, you are able to directly seek settlement(ILR). But under the new Global mobility rules, you will not be able to directly apply for settlement. You will first need to switch to another category and then seek Indefinite leave to remain.
  4. There is also a minor change in salary threshold, it will be £20,480 for graduate trainees applying for ICT as against £23,000 or 70% of the job’s going rate.
  5. And the most anticipated change is that under the global mobility route the representatives will be granted a 2 years visa stay as against 3 years on a sole representative visa. A lot needs to be done and clarified by the Home Office.

This route, however, is surely to be the game changer and is going to bring a lot of streamlining to the way of business and overseas trade.
You must at every step seek legal assistance to ensure that you have adequate knowledge and guidance on this new visa route.

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