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Which Is The Best Dog? This 9 Dog Is A Good Choice

which dog should be kept in the house - which dog is right to keep at home

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal and intelligent of pets, due to their characteristics and intelligence.

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend because they are completely devoted to their owner and family.

If you are a dog lover and are thinking of getting a breed for the first time, then there will be many questions in your mind that which dog is right to keep at home. Which is the best dog then? Which we can easily maintain.

And in this article, we will know which dog should be kept in the house. And which is the best dog to keep at home in India and which breed of dog should we keep according to our convenience and need.

Why do you want to have a dog?

Before choosing any dog ​​breed, it is very important for you to decide what is your main objective behind keeping a dog and only then you will be able to choose a better breed for yourself.

If you are looking for a breed from the point of view of safety, then you should look for a guard dog breed and if you want to keep a dog as a member of the family, then you can choose a calm temperament or even a small breed. can.

Best dogs to have at home. The best dog for a home in India

There are many types of dog breeds around the world, which people like to keep, but there are some selected dog breeds in India, which people like very much.

So let’s know which dog is right to keep in the house.

1. Labrador Retriever

Which is the smartest dog? If the answer is Labrador, then it is absolutely correct. Labrador is a well-known and very popular breed in India and Labrador is reared in most numbers in India. The reason behind Labrador being so popular is its characteristics.

Labrador is an excellent dog breed to be bred in the form of a family dog, it is a very intelligent and intelligent breed, it is playful, happy, and enthusiastic in nature.

Labrador is a family dog ​​breed and they are bred as a member and it is not guard dog at all.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is an all-rounder dog breed if the question is asked, who is the most powerful dog? So it would not be wrong to answer the German Shepherd because it is a very powerful breed.

We called the German Shepherd Dog all-rounder because it is a good guard dog as well as an obedient family dog, it is very intelligent, obedient, and intelligent breed which is why it is so much liked in India.

German Shepherd Dogs are guard dogs and require the necessary socialization and training to make them prosperous family dogs.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a gentle breed, it is a prosperous family dog, if you are looking for a family dog ​​for you and your family, then the Golden Retriever can be a good option for you.

Golden Retriever looks very attractive and beautiful in appearance and along with their beauty they are also very intelligent and intelligent but their playfulness and stubbornness can sometimes bother you.

4. Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler dog is a strong and powerful breed that falls in the category of a guard dog, this dog can be a good choice from the point of view of security. It is a high watchdog dog, Rottweilers have a sense of security towards their owner and family.

Rottweiler dogs are temperate and aggressive in nature but they can be controlled through training. Most people in India like to keep Rottweilers as guard dogs.

5. Pug

If you like small-breed dogs then the Pug breed can prove to be a good option. The pug breed also known as the Vodafone dog in India Pug breed is perfect for keeping in a small house due to its size.

Pug breeds are playful and stubborn by nature and you have a crush on the Pug breed. requires special attention.

6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is an athlete dog that loves to run and if you are looking for an active dog breed, then you can also choose the Husky dog, although it is an expensive dog breed.

And maintaining a Husky dog ​​is also expensive. Husky dogs can prove to be good dogs in all formats.

7. Boxer Dog

Boxer dog is a good breed, it is a very intelligent breed and is friendly in nature and also a very good guard dog. The Boxer breed’s intelligence makes it a good student, which makes it very easy to train.

Boxer dogs are protective and love to play and spend time with children.

8. Beagle

Beagle is a small-sized family dog ​​breed that most people in India like to have. Beagle is like a small child who needs to be kept like a member of the family.

Beagle dog likes to stay indoors and with its owner, it is playful and gentle by nature, They can get angry with scolding and can also insist on you to make your point.

9. St. Bernard

In the last few years, the popularity of Saint Bernard Dog has increased very fast in India. Saint Bernard Dog is a giant-sized breed, it is completely a family dog, and it looks very attractive due to its large size and colour form.

Saint Bernard is a family dog ​​breed that loves to be with its owner and is very excited to get the affection of its owner.

A Saint Bernard dog is an expensive breed and the cost of its maintenance is also high. It is very important for you to have enough space to raise a Saint Bernard.

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