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We provide guest posting opportunities opportunity to our readers to express themselves in our web portal. Apart from this, it is a great opportunity for budding writers as well as blog owners.

Guest Post | Guest Blogging Rules Our Blog

Articles must be relevant to our creation audience and must not be less than 700 words and must not exceed 2500 words. Articles must be original and not copy-pasted from anywhere else on the web.

However all outbound links must be links to a relevant website and not specifically betting or other adult rated sites or sites relevant to articles or creations. Maximum 2 links will be allowed. The link must be relevant to the article.

Pay attention to the following things:

  • Your article should be 100% new and it should not be copied or stolen and should be related to Automotive, Business, Digital Marketing, Education, Finance, Fitness, Food & Drink, Games, Home & Living, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Shopping, Technology, Travel, and many mores.
  • There should not be any grammar mistake in the article.
  • The article should be accompanied by search description, links and pictures of the post, it would be better and the article should be based on true events and should not be imaginary.
  • Articles should be keeping in mind of our readers like full of religious thoughts.
  • It should be full of new and fresh information, the articles containing the literature should also be accurate and correct.
  • We will publish your article only when we like it. It will be completely according to our wish. The team will contact you as soon as the article is published.

If you’re looking for a website that accepts guest posts and news articles, here are some quick tips for advanced search queries.

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Terms and conditions:

  • You will have to give 1 day to a few weeks to check for fake and malicious links.
  • Published post(s) will not be removed as per your wish.
  • If we have to make some changes later in the published post (article) or have to remove that article for any reason, then it will be completely according to our wish. We reserve the right to remove your article.
  • The articles that we send to us cannot be published anywhere else.
  • Whenever you send an article, your name and contact number with it.

If you want to submit a guest post on StatusMessagesQuotes this blog its information is here. Drop us an email or leave message on AllIndiaEvent07@gmail.com we will reply promptly.

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