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Your quest to search the health of your guest posting site has brought you to the right place. Status Messages Quotes offers guest bloggers and content writers the opportunity to build their portfolio and earn high authority backlinks on their site from our site. All you need to do is contribute a well-written and informative article and send it to allindiaevent07@gmail.com, Statusmessagesquotes@gmail.com for our final approval. However, there are some guidelines written for our Health Care and Wellness, which we discuss below.

Now, before you move on to our guide, here’s how guest blogging hosted on our website can help you:

  • You don’t have to be a health expert to write for us, you just have to be a great writer
  • Showcase your writing skills in front of an audience that enjoys reading your articles
  • Get backlinks and increase your website authority and traffic
  • If you have a product/service that can help your readers, consider it a great marketing opportunity
  • Not only will we publish your article on our website, but we will also make sure it reaches the right audience through our social channels
  • If you meet our requirements, your article will be published the same day
  • Great opportunity for fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists and fitness trainers to build a loyal Audi
  • You can write on any health-related topic that suits you (you must suggest a topic to us via allindiaevent07@gmail.com, Statusmessagesquotes@gmail.com and give us a valid reason before you start writing as to how it will help the audience)
  • You can also come up with a short author bio that boasts of your accomplishments as a writer/guest blogger, and we’d love to bring that to our readers

Guidelines Guest Post:

  1. keep the content relevant
  2. Promotional content will only be accepted if it has any real value to the reader, not just marketing
  3. Content should be fresh and unique, not rotated or rewritten.
  4. Images: 1-2 high-quality images that accompany the article.
  5. It should pass our plagiarism checker duplichecker, 1text or smallseotools with a 0% plagiarism rate. We do not promote plagiarized content of any kind.
  6. Comply with SEO writing standards, H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags, active voice, short sentences, etc.
  7. You must provide us with a meta description of no more than 160 characters.
  8. The length of the article is not less than 800+ words (minimum) 
  9. Once approved and submitted to us, you have no right to host the article on any other online platform

Like other guest bloggers and site owners, we have invested time and money in building our site and we want it to grow even more. Therefore, it is very important to us that you follow our guidelines.

So what are you waiting for? Search engine updates don’t wait, and neither do your competitors. While Google is busy making its search engine smarter, your competitors are busy building quality backlinks. Now is your time to stand out. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because we’re the best guest posting site health lovers love to read.

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Contact us at allindiaevent07@gmail.com and Statusmessagesquotes@gmail.com to share ideas for the record. Checkout Healthy Sample Posts Here

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