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Dental Prosthesis Emergency

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Common Issues

Several issues may cause a dental prosthesis emergency. With bridges and crowns, cement washout represents a frequent problem. This occurs when cement deteriorates over time, leading to loosening of the prosthesis. The prosthesis remains intact and salvageable if brought to the dentist’s timely attention. For removable prostheses like partial or full dentures, mechanical failures like broken clasps or cracked acrylic bases often undermine proper retention and stability. Denture teeth also sometimes break or detach. Without all teeth present, chewing ability decreases, and tissue irritation results.

As a dentist providing advanced Toronto emergency dental care explains, no matter the specific issue, an unstable, damaged, or painful dental prosthesis impairs oral function. Visiting the dentist promptly facilitates repair. Leaving issues unchecked risks worsening damage or oral health complications.

Stabilizing the Prosthesis

Before getting to the dentist, stabilizing a problematic dental prosthesis using temporary home measures helps minimize further damage while preventing ingestion or aspiration risks. This quick first aid also makes the individual more comfortable.

For a loose crown or bridge, carefully remove dental adhesive from around the house and slide some orthodontic wax or chewing gum into the space between the tooth and prosthesis. This may hold the prosthesis in place temporarily until dental repair.

With a damaged denture, use adhesive pads or strips to patch fractured areas or holes as an emergency fix. Cushioning broken prosthesis parts preempts tissue irritation in the interim.

Splinting loose teeth on a partial denture together with orthodontic wire and wax or composite resin likewise brings some stability in the short term if done carefully at home. This reduces further tooth loss risk.

Getting to the Dentist

After stabilizing the prosthesis initially at home, urgent dental attention represents the next critical step for repair and to avoid complications. Call the dentist to explain the situation for prompt assessment. Dentists recognize prosthesis failure necessitates timely care restoration and will work to accommodate the patient accordingly.

At the dental appointment, the dentist evaluates the type of failure, damage incurred, and ongoing oral health impacts. From there, they can devise a repair plan, which may involve a simple recommendation for a crown or necessitate an intricate laboratory remake for the severely damaged denture.

Sometimes, dental prosthesis emergencies result from improper initial fit or design flaws. Addressing underlying issues reduces recurrence risk moving forward. The dentist will implement this care optimization for long-term oral health.

Preventing Future Prosthesis Emergencies

While dental prostheses boost oral function, their vulnerability to damage brings emergency risks requiring urgent care. However, patients can take measures to prevent such emergencies in their prosthesis use. Preventive strategies are multifaceted.

For fixed bridges and crowns, maintaining diligent daily oral hygiene disrupts plaque accumulation that erodes dental cement. Regular dental cleanings and check-ups also proactively monitor prosthesis health. Using dentist-recommended home health products further prevents cement deterioration.

With removable partial and full dentures specifically, patients should avoid overloading the prosthesis during function. Meticulous cleaning using specialized brushes and soaks also prevents buildup, leading to mechanical defects and fractures. Additionally, leaving dentures out overnight where indicated gives tissues needed rest.

Alerting the dentist about any notable prosthesis changes like recurrent loosening, discomfort, or difficulty chewing early is key—repair minimizes extensive damage. With conscientious at-home and in-office care, patients can mitigate prosthesis emergency occurrences.

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