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Safety Considerations for Operating Double Girder Overhead Cranes

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Double Girder Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India

Powerful and adaptable lifting devices, girder overhead cranes are utilised in a variety of industrial applications. They offer effective and precise material movement throughout a facility and are built to carry high loads. 

They are essential for increasing efficiency and streamlining operations in all types of facilities, including industrial plants, ports, building sites, and warehouses.

They are the best choice for applications involving heavy-duty lifting operations since they can handle much heavier weights, ranging from a few tonnes to several hundred tonnes. 

When working with unbalanced loads or larger spans, the double girder design also offers improved stability and load control.

Dangers associated with working with girder cranes

To guarantee a safe working environment, some dangers associated with using these girder cranes must be addressed.

  •  The load falling off

The likelihood that the load being lifted would drop or fall is one of the main dangers. This could happen as a result of several things, like poor rigging, overloading the crane beyond what it can handle, or broken lifting equipment. 

Workers nearby are in great danger from falling loads, which can result in serious injuries or fatalities. 

This is true for all sorts of cranes including a Single Girder EOT Crane.

  • Overturning or structural failure

Although girder overhead cranes are intended to be sturdy, if they are not properly maintained or operated within their load capacity restrictions, there is a risk of overturning or structural failure. 

If the terrain is unstable or the girder crane is subjected to high side loading, it has a high chance of overturning. The causes of structural failure can include overuse, corrosion, and poor maintenance.

  • Lack of proper training

Accidents can result from poor crane operator training or mistakes in judgement and operation. Lack of awareness of safe operating procedures, improper crane inspection before use, or improper lifting techniques can all increase the likelihood of mishaps and injuries.

  • Inadequate maintenance

Accident risk can be raised by mechanical failures, equipment malfunctions, or component failures caused by poor upkeep or by skipping routine inspections and repairs.

Implementing thorough safety measures, such as performing sufficient upkeep, is crucial to reducing these dangers. When operating a Double Girder Overhead Crane, proper maintenance is absolutely essential to guarantee a safe working environment.

Safety Considerations for Operating Girder Overhead Cranes

Operating any form of a crane, particularly girder overhead cranes, safely is of utmost importance. Following are some crucial safety tips to remember:

  • Recruiting well-versed workers

Make sure that anyone operating a double girder crane has had the appropriate training and certification. They must be fully acquainted with the crane’s controls, load restrictions, safety features, and emergency protocols.

  • Regular inspections

Always carry out a visual assessment of the complete system—including the hoist, trolley, bridge, controls, and safety equipment—before using the crane. Look for any damage, wear, or malfunction that would risk a system’s ability to operate reliably.

  • Aware of the load capacity

There are defined load capacities for girder cranes. The crane’s rated capacity must be understood and never surpassed. Use the correct rigging tools, such as slings and hooks, and make sure they are in good condition for use and are rated appropriately for the load you are lifting.

  • Clearing any unnecessary hurdles

Make sure there is enough space between the crane, the weight, and any nearby structures, tools, or people. Take steps to avoid any potential risks that might prevent the safe operation of a crane.

Girder cranes operate above ground, thus it’s critical to recognize and address any overhead risks. Checking for objects that could come into contact with the crane during movement includes looking for overhead power lines, beams, or other obstructions.

  • Regular maintenance

Set a routine maintenance schedule for the crane that includes inspections, lubrication, and any necessary repairs. To ensure that the crane remains in a safe working condition, keep thorough records of all maintenance procedures and fix any faults as soon as they occur.

Here are a few tips which you can follow when carrying out routine maintenance:

  1. To preserve the mechanical parts of the crane, proper lubrication is necessary. Use the recommended lubricants and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals. Keep an eye on the trolley, bearings, gears and other moving components, as well as the hoist.
  2. Check the wire ropes frequently for symptoms of deterioration, fraying, stretching, or broken wires. Replace any wire ropes that are harmed or worn out right away. To avoid damaging the rope, make sure the wire rope spools are positioned correctly on the drums.
  3. Always verify if the brakes are functioning properly. During hoisting and lowering activities, confirm that the brakes are functioning efficiently. In case modification or replacement is required, braking parts.
  4. Test the crane’s capability under load regularly to make sure it can handle it safely. The proper load testing protocols should be followed by trained persons doing this testing.

The maintenance recommendations provided by the Double Girder Overhead Crane Suppliers in India and any applicable safety laws must be followed in addition to these general recommendations. 

Industries where girder overhead cranes are employed

Girder overhead cranes are frequently utilised in a variety of commercial and industrial contexts where precision material handling and heavy lifting are necessary. Overhead cranes are employed in a variety of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing facilities: Heavy machinery, equipment, and materials are frequently lifted and moved by a Double Girder Overhead Crane at manufacturing facilities during production processes.
  • Steel plants: For carrying molten metal, bulky steel coils, and other raw materials used in the manufacture of steel, these cranes are crucial in steel mills.
  • Cargo facilities: They are used to load and unload cargo containers, large machinery, and ship parts in ports and shipyards.
  • Power plants: In power plants, girder overhead cranes are used to lift and place heavy components including transformers, turbines, and generators.
  • Aerospace industry: Large aircraft parts, engines, and other heavy materials are handled by them in aerospace facilities during assembly and maintenance procedures.
  • Automobile industry: For lifting and transferring huge automotive components including car bodies, engines, and other heavy parts, these cranes serve a vital role in automotive manufacturing plants.
  • Construction locations: At construction sites, girder overhead cranes are used for moving and raising large building materials like steel beams, precast concrete components, and gear.
  • Mining industry: In mining and quarrying operations, girder overhead cranes are used to lift and move big objects like machines, boulders, and more.


Girder overhead cranes are strong, adaptable lifting devices made for heavy-duty applications. They are essential tools in modern industrial operations because they increase productivity, stability, and safety while also boosting productivity and efficiency.

However, it’s crucial to perform routine maintenance and abide by safety precautions to ensure that you can utilise the machine to its full potential. 

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