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A Comparison Of Canadian Life With Indian Life

By StatusMessagesQuotes Sep 14, 2022
living costs in Canada and India

Despite your desire to move to Canada, have you been unable to do so because of the high cost? Below are comparisons of living costs in Canada and India.

Approximately 1.4 million Canadians have Indian ancestry, making it a diverse country with a vibrant Indo-Canadian community. Considering these six factors before moving to Canada for starting a new life in Canada is a good idea. The close relationship between Canada and India is not surprising given the similarities in their political systems, the commitment to diversity and democracy, and their common view of educational success. The culture shock of living in Canada for a newcomer can still be quite extreme when compared to India.

Networking is crucial when looking for a job

You might find it exhilarating to move to a new country, but it can also be overwhelming. It will be easier for you to adjust to life in Canada if you make new friends and expand your network, even though your initial inclination might be to look for a job immediately. Making new friends, joining a professional organization, or volunteering can all help you find a job.

There are a number of public and private online tools available to help you with your job search. Many Canadian job search websites, such as Indeed, Job boom, and many others, offer employment information and job listings.

Language abilities and qualifications

Having fluency in one (or both!) of Canada’s official languages will make acclimatizing to your new country much easier. Take English or French language classes to advance your knowledge. Being able to speak one of the two official languages of Canada makes it easier for you to find a job, make friends, and take advantage of opportunities.

The process of evaluating and recognizing your overseas work and educational qualifications can take some time, so you may need temporary employment while the process is underway. Once the procedure is completed, you will, however, be prepared and ready to work in your area.

Living expenses and quality of life

Compared to Canada, India has much lower living expenses. Food from the local market, rent, and real estate are all more affordable, as are childcare services, as well as cell phones. In addition, bargaining is common (except for big-ticket items like houses or cars), which is rarely seen in Canada.

It is commonly comparable to the greater cost of living in Western countries that Canadians earn an average hourly wage of CAD$26.83 or CAD$55,806 per year.

Canadians, however, have the second highest quality of life in the world, despite having a higher cost of living. A large part of the nation’s success can be attributed to its robust healthcare and education systems.

How much does education cost?

The Indian government provides free public education to children between the ages of six and fourteen. On the other hand, Canadians require compulsory schooling to begin at the age of 5 and last until the age of 16 or 18. Regulations vary by province. Similar to the United States, public schooling in Canada is free, but extracurricular activities and supplies must be paid for by the parents.

There are private schools in both India and Canada. Since Canada’s public schools are considered to be of high quality, only 5% of pupils attend fee-paying private schools. CAD$6,000 to CAD$12,000 is the average tuition for private schools in Canada, depending on the grade your child is in. An average of $1,500 per year is spent by Indian students at similar private schools at the senior secondary level.

Canada’s higher education prices vary according to the school and program, but are typically between $2,500 and $8,000 per year, which is significantly less than in the United States. The highest average number of post-secondary graduates among members of the OECD comes from Canada.

The current high-demand occupations in Canada

Employment in Canada is growing, and the unemployment rate in December was a record low of 5.7%. Recently immigrated workers earn more on average than their predecessors. Working in Canada has proven to be extremely rewarding for many recent immigrants.

Despite our digital economy’s shift toward technology, not all occupations in Canada are in technology. In response to the rise of online shopping, HR consultancy Randstad has defined “general worker” as an employment classification that includes everything from assembly lines to warehouses and distribution centers.

As Randstad identifies the top 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada, the country offers a wide range of employment opportunities, including sales representatives, accountants, business analysts, customer service agents, IT project managers, account managers, software engineers, and forklift operators.

The weather in Canada

Compared to India, Canada is a cold country without a doubt. Winter usually starts in December and lasts until March or April (the Great White North doesn’t just live up to its name).C

Although Canadian dwellings and structures often experience winter lows below zero degrees Celsius, most of them have been made to withstand all four seasons. With effective heating and air conditioning systems, your home will remain cozy throughout the winter and cool during the summer. Various Canadian cities experience varying weather, just as different parts of India do. For instance, the coastline area of British Columbia has some of Canada’s mildest winters.

Before applying to Canada PR, make sure to consider your health and happiness as well as your financial situation. Socially and financially, there are a variety of immigration programs available to make your move as easy as possible.

Express Entry is the most common method that all skilled workers choose to immigrate to Canada. It manages three federal programs through which individuals can migrate to Canada, those programs Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled workers program, and the Federal Skilled Trade Programs.

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