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Know These 7 Interesting Facts About Tanzanite Jewelry

7 interesting facts about Tanzanite Jewelry

When you will hear tanzanite jewelry, what will pop-up in your mind would be a shimmering piece of gemstone that emanates a reflecting blue sheen that comes in purple hue, with a vitreous lustre on its surface.

In the past decade, this “December Gemstone” has gained quite popularity among jewelry lovers globally, mainly due to its appealing elegance and the raging blue beauty that it shines through.

It gained the tittle of the December Birthstone in 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association.

Even being a comparatively new gemstone in the market, it has become as desirable as precious diamonds. Furthermore, its extreme rarity tends to yet another factor that adds to its value and high-demand in the gemstone jewelry market.

Know these 7 interesting facts about Tanzanite Jewelry that will intrigue you to adorn the mystical blue beauty of this lavish gemstone.

  1. The Interesting Adventure Behind the Discovery of Tanzanite 

An Indian Tailor by the name Manuel De Souza went out to on a venture to explore the land of Tanzania to discover precious gemstones like gold and diamond.

Just as he was making his way through the foothills of  Mount Kilimanjaro, his foot stumble across a glisten substance trapped deep in the ground that was appearing to be very precious, possessing a crystal-clear beauty.

On digging out the stone, he concluded that the stone was too soft to be sapphire or diamond. Later on, that gemstone was categorized as a mineral zoisite which was termed as the modern-day tanzanite jewelry.

  1. Tanzanite is a Rich Variety of Zoisite

In its natural form, tanzanite usually occurs in a reddish-brown colour that is far away from the blue beauty that it radiate as tanzanite jewelry.

To surge its ornamental value for jewelry production, it must contain minute traces of vanadium. For this to happen, the rough tanzanite stone has to go through a process in which it is exposed to heat of about 600 C, for about 10 minutes. 

The process steer the stone to a comparatively gorgeous state with a blue sheen on its surface, to be used as tanzanite jewelry in the market. 

The quality of tanzanite jewelry, like that glittering piece of tanzanite ring, is usually determined by how much heat it has endured. More the heat given, higher and deeper would be the concentration of the purple hue that surge its value.

  1. Tanzanite is only Mined in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania

Do you why gemstone jewelry suppliers prized tanzanite jewelry as extremely valuable and rare.

Well, the reason corroborating this prizing is the scarce availability of tanzanite that is restricted to only Merelani Hills situated in the forests of Tanzania.

As the market craves for more supply of tanzanite, mine workers have to dig the mine even deeper so extract more tanzanite that could suffice for the higher demand. 

Presently, Tanzania government have ordered to go as deep as 800 meters in the ground. The mines are spread within a area of about 14 Miles only.

  1. £2.4 Million for Discovering the Largest Rough Tanzanite Ever

In 2002, a mine worker named Saniniu Laizer was mining in the Merelani hills when his digging equipment was unable to penetrate a large piece of tanzanite.

On lending ceaseless efforts, the team was able to extract two colossal pieces of tanzanite that weighs 9.2 kg and 5.8 kg respectively. By far, the former was the heaviest and the largest tanzanite ever discovered in the mankind.

For this one of its kind discoveries, the worker was felicitated with a whopping amount of £2.4 Million Tanzania Mining ministry for tanzanite. 

  1. L’heure Bleu’: The Largest Carved Tanzanite

Naomi Sarna, a famous jewelry artist carved L’heure Bleu’, the largest carved tanzanite in the realm of gemstone jewelry.

The piece of carved from the 725 carat of tanzanite stone that she discovered in the Tanzania hills. This milestone was achieved by her during a international jewelry and Silver Sea Life Jewelry designing competition.

Inspired from the winds of The Great Rift Valley, the adorable and exquisite stone sits on a base of sterling silver.

The finest piece was awarded the First-Place-Spectrum Award from the American Gem Trade Association.

  1. Even Rare than Diamonds?

Tanzanite is considered to be 1000 times rarer than the precious diamonds. While diamonds are found abundantly in different parts of the world, the availability of tanzanite is restricted only to the Meralani Hills of Tanzania.

  1. The History Behind the Origin of Tanzanite 

Million of years ago, earth of hit by a destructive tectonic that created Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. Its amazing origin has compelled scientist to term it has the most sought-after gemstone.

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